Read me/Know me

Dear You,
You are about to meet an ordinary Serbian woman. Novak's mom, Darko's wife, a 6.2ish - 12shoeish- plus-size 36 year-old language teacher/Entrepreneur/Selfemployed/Owner of FLOW Language School from Belgrade.

My Blog will reveal all the rises and falls, goals and obstacles, crises and changes in the life of one plus size-mom-entrepreneur in Serbia.

I will not offer you any loans or start ups, false hopes and mindblowing solutions to any of your problems.

My goal is to show you that we all have more or less the same fears, doubts, issues and goals.
My goal is to show you how I deal with the weaknesses and strenghts of our society.
My goal is to show you that the most of our problems are actually challenges we need to face.
I am here to make it easier, to share experiences, news, ideas.
My name is Jelena.
I am my own boss and my own lifestyle influencer.
I never gave up on who and where I wanted to be while growing up and neither should you.
So woalah...
Take it, Live it, make yourself proud,
And always say Thank You at the end of the day.